Francis Xavier '17

After the Steamworks themed competition was revealed, we brainstormed ideas and decided to build a robot that shoot balls up to the high goal, carry gears, and use a winch to pull the robot up a rope. Initially, our prototype for the high goal shooter was two wheels spinning in opposite directions by two different motors. We later decided that by having two different motors controlling the wheels, the motors could run at different speeds which in turn would affect the ball's trajectory. Our next prototype consisted of a single wheel shooter with a ramp and this design we decided would be our final. Prototyping our winch mostly consisted of finding the perfect gear ratio for torque. Our first prototype for the gear carrier was a 1:1 ratio cardboard model. We also made changes to its front arms which allow the gear to be pulled out of the carrier. The final design for the gear carrier consists of a rectangular funnel to position the gear to slide down the shoot. The gear is held in the shoot by front arms and a bottom that can be moved to release the gear.

Ignatius '16

Team 5809’s Rookie year robot is best described as a learning curve. After several weeks of designing building then changing and re-building, we finished a box-like robot. Starting with a flywheel, we designed outward, fitting electronics and motors around a center boulder launching mechanism. Using a six wheel belt drive system, our robot Ignatius competed at the Kansas City regional, clocking in around 105 lbs. During the matches, we found our robot was not getting enough grip to transverse several defenses it was designed for. After the Kansas City regional, our brethren at Bishop Miege High School lent us their pneumatic wheels for our Queen City Regional. Stag robotics, Team 1997, was only able to go to one regional, and offered the use of the wheels with the much needed grip to us, on the condition we wore their team hats during matches. We arrived wielding hats and Ignatius in Cincinnati, to win the Rookie All-Star Award.